HB 33

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Under existing law, the dispensing of a different drug or brand of a drug in lieu of the drug ordered or prescribed is prohibited except a pharmacist is authorized to dispense a less expensive pharmaceutically and therapeutically equivalent generic drug product prescribed by a licensed physician or other practitioner, including a practitioner located in another state. A written prescription issued in this state is required to have two signature lines, one designated "dispense as written" and one designated "product selection permitted." An oral prescription from a practitioner is required to specify whether a generic drug product may be dispensed. A violation is subject to a fine. This bill would delete the provision prohibiting dispensing a different drug or brand of drug and would specify that unless the physician or other practitioner indicates otherwise, a pharmacist may dispense either a brand name drug or a less expensive pharmaceutically or therapeutically equivalent generic drug product. The bill would also delete the requirement for a written prescription to contain two signature lines and the specified requirement for an oral prescription.

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